Labeley’s Business Card Creator Helps You Network in Style


In the age of so many ways to connect online, it’s natural for business professionals to wonder whether they still need business cards for networking.

Tech-embracing individuals, for example, are all for abandoning business cards. Yes, all of us carry our phones to meetings. Yes, most of us have LinkedIn, Facebook and other social profiles that we can simply use to add new acquaintances as contacts.

But here’s a question: if obtaining business cards does not present any real burden to your budget – and printing business cards can be pretty affordable these days – why would you risk missing a good opportunity to present your business in a memorable way to potential associates? So, let’s hold on to the idea of abandoning business cards. Instead, let’s see what you can do in terms of branding your business using only this intuitive, free app for creating business cards.

How Can a Business Card Creator Improve Your Brand?

The advantages of designing your own business card, even if you’re not a designer, is that you know best what your brand is about. Labeley’s business card creator is new in the line of Labeley’s online label design tools, and just like the rest of these apps, it’s very easy to use. It will help you get your message across simply and directly, without the need of communicating it first to a professional designer.

The first step in your business card creation process is choosing the card’s shape. Since the majority of serious business professionals do not experiment with this particular feature, Labeley offers two standard options: double-sided or single-sided rectangular business card.

If you aim for a more elegant simplicity in the design of your card, you will probably choose the single-sided option. You’ll have just enough room for your or your company’s name, type of service you provide, and contact. Since our social profiles can be easily found online, use your business card to provide those details which are tricky to find: phone number and private email address.

Double-sided business cards obviously provide more space for information, but also for visual representation. This is especially useful for illustrators, designers, or anyone else working in the “visual” field.

When this first step is resolved, you can go on to choose the background for your card and background color variations. Here is only a handful of choices:




Next, choose appropriate graphics. Browse our collection of images that represent different ways to connect:




If you want different imagery that you cannot find within Labeley’s business card creator, you can simply upload any photo or illustration you want from your computer. Perhaps you have an image of yourself or your company’s logo that you want displayed on the card. Simply click on the Upload button and upload your image to position it adequately in your design.

Choose appropriate font for any text and contact information:




If you’re not good with matching colors or coming up with the right visualization of your brand, go through Labeley’s collection of business card templates. There are quite a few pre-made designs that you only need to fill with your basic information. Here are some:



The Final Step: Bringing Your Card to the Physical World

Once you’re happy with the visual side of your business card, it’s time to introduce it to the physical world. In other words, it’s printing time. The quality of the printed card – its material, finish, texture, thickness – is as important as the design. Our business card creator offers five different materials which are commonly used for professional business cards – munken lynx, business card board, pristine white, natural white, embossed pure white, and metallic ice white.

Choosing one of these will require some good thinking about your brand’s image and your company’s goals. Do you want your potential partners’ or customers’ first impression of your brand to be associated with the smoothness of pristine white card, exclusivity of munken lynx, or with the icy elegance of metallic paper?

At least you don’t have to rack your brain about the size of your card. All of them are printed in the standard 3.5″ x 2″ size.

When you have it all figured out: the design, material and number of business cards you want at hand, click on the Customize option in the app’s lower right-hand corner and it will configure the cost of printing.

To conclude: yes, we live in the digital era. Yes, we don’t need physical business cards to connect with people anymore. However, it’s those unnecessary gestures that make a difference in the eyes of others. You want to make an impression, and a beautifully designed business card will help you achieve that faster than another in the long line of sent emails or social media invitations.


Beginner’s Guide to Wine Festivals in the US, Part 2 (July – December)

A few months ago we presented to you some of the best US wine festivals that are held between January and June. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to take a pick from our list and do some fantastic wine tasting while traveling across the country. Today we’re following up with a list of increasingly popular beverage and food festivals that are held in the second part of the year. If you missed out on the unique kind of fun that can only be found at wine, beer and specialty food tasting events, here’s another chance to pick a place to go.


North Market Ohio Wine Festival, July 7-9, 2017

If you’ve never been in Columbus, Ohio, this is a great opportunity to get to know the place. North Market is organizing a fun wine tasting weekend in July where visitors will get a chance to pair Ohio’s finest foods and wines from wineries across the state. You get to keep all the wine you buy, plus a souvenir glass.

Finger Lakes Wine Festival, July 14-16, 2017

This is a pretty big festival where over 80 wineries from the New York State showcase their best wines. The three-day event also has lots in store for visitors in terms of fun and education, including live music, culinary classes, cooking demonstrations, regional artisans presenting their crafts, etc. Note that the festival is not open to minors, nor are visitors allowed to bring pets.

L’Eté du Vin, Nashville, July 20-22, 2017

If you’re interested in adding a humanitarian dimension to your wine tasting adventure, you might be interested in checking out this year’s L’Eté du Vin, an annual charity wine auction organized by Nashville Wine Auction organization. Their main goal is to raise money to support the fight against cancer, which they’ve been successfully doing through their exciting wine tasting events.

Oakland Wine Festival, July 15, 2017

The Third Annual Oakland Wine Festival will take place at the Fairmont Hotel in Oakland, California. This festival has a more luxurious note to it, so visitors who purchase tickets will be able to enjoy a fancy dinner at an intimate table where a well-known winemaker or sommelier will also be seated to demonstrate how to pair spectacular wines with a fabulous four-course summer-themed meal. Ticket prices range from $25 to $145, so there’s a package for everyone’s pocket.

Niagara USA Wine Festival, July 29-30, 2017

Niagara Falls are famous for the three powerful waterfalls that millions of people go to see each year, but this region is also special for growing grapes! So, if you’ve been planning to see this tourist destination, perhaps July 29-30 would be the perfect time for that. The two-day wine festival that’s organized that weekend will be packed with fun wine-related events, from wine tasting seminars to wine expert panel discussions, trivia contests, live music and more.


Steamboat Wine Festival, August 9-13, 2017

Here’s a beautiful city of Steamboat Springs (Colorado) you may never would have visited if it weren’t for the amazing four-day Steamboat Wine Festival. It’s a place where master winemakers, cooks, artisans, winery and brewery owners/representatives and curious visitors meet to indulge in tasting and talking about wine. Of course, food tasting events and cooking demonstrations are included as well.

Nebraska Balloon Wine Festival, August 11-12, 2017

If you’re into hot air balloons, this is the wine festival for you. On August 11 & 12 you’ll be able to enjoy the hot air balloon launches and glows while drinking Nebraska’s best wine, eating the Midwest’s most delicious barbeque and listening to this state’s popular musicians. Good news for parents: it’s a family-friendly event! The organizers are preparing fun arts & crafts displays and pony rides for the kids, so no need to look for babysitters.

Vintage Ohio Wine Festival, August 4-5, 2017

Deemed the premier wine event of the year, the Vintage Ohio Wine Festival really is the place to try out some of the world-class wines, including fruit wines made from strawberries, blackberries, peaches and raspberries. Aside from the main product – wine – visitors will also be able to enjoy delicious food, cooking demonstrations, live music, artisan shows, fireworks, and the cosy “colorful tents and picnic tables” atmosphere.


Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest, September 9-10, 2017

This is a wine fest with a long (15-year) tradition, so if you’re thinking of paying Rhinebeck, NY a visit on September 9 & 10 for a taste of specialty wines, you can’t go wrong. Since this is a registred farm market, you’ll get a chance to meet New York winemakers and purchase the wines directly from the producers.

Greenwich Wine and Food Festival, September 22-23, 2017

Founded six years ago, the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival gathers 5,000 food and wine connoisseurs from across the country, offering visitors a chance to savor amazing wines, see (and participate in) excellent cooking demonstrations, as well as meet celebrity chefs and local culinary talent. Renowned musical bands are a great addition to the festive atmosphere.

Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, September 2-3, 2017

If you don’t know where to spend this year’s Labor Day, look no further. The Sonoma Wine Country Weekend will be held on September 2 and 3 and it will be packed with breath-taking events such as: elegant dinner and wine tasting at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Geyserville, winemaker lunches and dinners at vineyards, an auction to benefit charity, and more.


Hawaii Food and Wine Festival, October 20 – November 5, 2017

The combination of a lush island such as Hawaii and wine-tasting events during the course of three weekends is probably how many people imagine paradise. If you have the opportunity, mark your calendar and pay this wonderful destination in the Pacific a visit at the end of October/beginning of November. You’ll get a chance to meet internationally acclaimed chefs, dedicated wine producers and other wine connoisseurs, as well as enjoy fun excursions, cooking demonstrations and local food.

New York City Wine and Food Festival, October 12-15, 2017

Here’s another wine and food festival that’s actually more about charity. The amazing thing about it is that ALL proceeds go to charity. So, if you’re in the giving mood, check out NYC’s wine festival, meet celebrity chefs from Food Network who’ll be cooking for you, take a cake-decorating class from Martha Stewart and don’t miss the tasting class organized by Wine Spectator Magazine! As the organizes claim, you’ll be spending four days with people who will be there to “eat, drink and end world hunger.”


Denver International Wine Festival, November 1-3, 2017

This wine festival is organized by wine journalists, so if you’re only interested in wine, and not so much in culinary events, music and other attractions that usually accompany such festivals, this is the place to check out. Every year there’s an exciting Food and Wine Pairing Competition where Colorado chefs compete to cook a perfect meal that goes with the festival’s best wines. If you’re in the audience, you’ll get a chance to taste these delicacies and vote for the winner.

Napa Valley Film Festival, November 8-12, 2017

Here’s another interesting festival that doesn’t only focus on wine, but puts another interesting phenomenon in the spotlight: movies. Napa Valley Film Festival visitors will get a chance to taste 100 different wines and view 100 movies in 12 different locations in Napa Valley. Film lovers will meet directors, actors, producers, celebrities and attend an ultra fun festival kick-off party (all the while tasting local wines and food).

Virginia Moonshine Festival, November 19, 2017

If you’re more of a one-day event person, check out Virginia’s Moonshine Fest. It’s famous for being the first of its kind festival in the state. Visitors will meet with master distillers, talk about their products, eat and drink as much as they can, and enjoy the local music. Pets are not allowed, but children are (though the organizers warn parents the event doesn’t have much to offer in terms of kids entertainment).


Ouray Wine Chocolate and Cheese Festival, December 9, 2017

If wine is not enough to bring you to Colorado on December 9, how about the combination of wine, chocolate and cheese? This festival is all about these three delicious things and their producers who will team up to give the best tasting experience to visitors. The organizers have also expanded their program last year, so now visitors will also be able to try distilled liquors, see and purchase local arts and crafts, and have fun listening to live music.

Clearwater Beach Uncorked, December 2-3, 2017

What better time to enjoy the beach than in December, when the winter has set in and we’re already craving sun? If that sounds inviting, check out Clearwater Beach Uncorked. Word of mouth has it that it’s the hippest beachfront gastronomic event in Florida. For a decent price you’ll be able to “wiggle your toes in the sugar white sand while enjoying the finest fare and wines this side of fabulous”, as the organizers promise.

This list of wine festivals in the US will help you pick the right place (and time) for exploring different wine brands in the upcoming months. If you happen to fall in love with some new brand that you’d gladly purchase, don’t forget to check out their wine labels and make sure everything is according to standards.

Make Your Own Emoji Stickers with Labeley

It is interesting that people throughout the world have been trying hard to invent a common language that everyone would use – Esperanto – but it didn’t take very successfully. Meanwhile, the emoji language spread so naturally since the 1990’s that most people who use electronic devices are familiar with it.

Of course, that can easily be explained by the digital revolution. It’s not surprising that the introduction of a completely new (digital) reality would follow along with its own language. And that’s what emojis basically are. They are ideograms that people who communicate via electronic devices such as computers, phones and tablets use. Emojis also include smileys and emoticons, but they are much more than that. Everyone who has a smartphone or Facebook profile knows how interesting and elaborate these little visuals can be. It seems like they can reflect our almost every mood, emotion and action. For example, there are simpler emojis such as the one that is crying from laughter or the one that has little hearts instead of eyes. But there are more complicated ones, such as the representations of animals (panda, camel, frog, and tons more), representations of food, tools, activities, objects…

So, following this popular trend, the Labeley team decided to create a new label design category, which would allow its users to create fun, up-to-date emoji stickers for all occasions. With completely new shape templates and design elements such as eyebrows, faces and glasses, users can have a new and even more entertaining experience with our online label maker than ever before.

To create your very own emoji sticker that is fully personalized and unique, use Labeley Emoji just like you’ve used it to create beer and wine labels, kids stickers, etc. If you’ve never used Labeley before, here’s what you need to do:

Go to:

Start by choosing one of the label shapes on the left.

Next, go to the Background feature and pick a color for your label. You’ll do that by scrolling the color palette and clicking on the color you like, and then by moving the little black dot on your chosen color square to choose the right hue. When you got it right, click on Choose.

Now have fun going through the Eyebrows, Face and Glasses options. You’ll find lots of designs for eyes, mouths, noses, eyebrows and glasses that you can play with until you’re happy with the outcome. Each design element can be resized and repositioned using appropriate arrows, as shown in the image.

Once you’re done with the emoji face, go to Text. Click on the Create Text button and all the options will appear: the box where you should insert your text, available fonts, color, font style and font weight. Once you type in your word in the appropriate box, it appears on the labels. There you can move it with your mouse, and use the same reposition and resize arrows that we mentioned in the previous step. When you finish, click Done.

If you have some photos or design elements on your computer that you would rather use than the ones Labeley offers, you can click on the Upload option and upload any photo you want. That way you can fully personalize your emoji sticker.

Finally, save the design to your Labeley account or download it on your computer.

If you’re having an office party, it would be a great idea to print these fun emoji stickers on quality material and apply them to party accessories, bottles, glasses, etc. Explore different ideas for how to use your very own printed emoji, and in the meantime practice perfecting your label design skills with Labeley!


Master List of Back-to-School Resources


Going back to school after a long summer vacation isn’t easy for teachers, kids and parents, and it’s a different kind of challenge for each of these groups. For kids, it means the end of playing all day long. For parents, it’s the pressure of preparing children for school – from acquiring school books and school supplies, to getting them back to more disciplined eating and sleeping regimes. And finally, the beginning of a new school year for teachers means hard work on preparing for those first weeks of lectures and classroom activities.

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