Labeley’s Business Card Creator Helps You Network in Style


In the age of so many ways to connect online, it’s natural for business professionals to wonder whether they still need business cards for networking.

Tech-embracing individuals, for example, are all for abandoning business cards. Yes, all of us carry our phones to meetings. Yes, most of us have LinkedIn, Facebook and other social profiles that we can simply use to add new acquaintances as contacts.

But here’s a question: if obtaining business cards does not present any real burden to your budget – and printing business cards can be pretty affordable these days – why would you risk missing a good opportunity to present your business in a memorable way to potential associates? So, let’s hold on to the idea of abandoning business cards. Instead, let’s see what you can do in terms of branding your business using only this intuitive, free app for creating business cards.

How Can a Business Card Creator Improve Your Brand?

The advantages of designing your own business card, even if you’re not a designer, is that you know best what your brand is about. Labeley’s business card creator is new in the line of Labeley’s online label design tools, and just like the rest of these apps, it’s very easy to use. It will help you get your message across simply and directly, without the need of communicating it first to a professional designer.

The first step in your business card creation process is choosing the card’s shape. Since the majority of serious business professionals do not experiment with this particular feature, Labeley offers two standard options: double-sided or single-sided rectangular business card.

If you aim for a more elegant simplicity in the design of your card, you will probably choose the single-sided option. You’ll have just enough room for your or your company’s name, type of service you provide, and contact. Since our social profiles can be easily found online, use your business card to provide those details which are tricky to find: phone number and private email address.

Double-sided business cards obviously provide more space for information, but also for visual representation. This is especially useful for illustrators, designers, or anyone else working in the “visual” field.

When this first step is resolved, you can go on to choose the background for your card and background color variations. Here is only a handful of choices:




Next, choose appropriate graphics. Browse our collection of images that represent different ways to connect:




If you want different imagery that you cannot find within Labeley’s business card creator, you can simply upload any photo or illustration you want from your computer. Perhaps you have an image of yourself or your company’s logo that you want displayed on the card. Simply click on the Upload button and upload your image to position it adequately in your design.

Choose appropriate font for any text and contact information:




If you’re not good with matching colors or coming up with the right visualization of your brand, go through Labeley’s collection of business card templates. There are quite a few pre-made designs that you only need to fill with your basic information. Here are some:



The Final Step: Bringing Your Card to the Physical World

Once you’re happy with the visual side of your business card, it’s time to introduce it to the physical world. In other words, it’s printing time. The quality of the printed card – its material, finish, texture, thickness – is as important as the design. Our business card creator offers five different materials which are commonly used for professional business cards – munken lynx, business card board, pristine white, natural white, embossed pure white, and metallic ice white.

Choosing one of these will require some good thinking about your brand’s image and your company’s goals. Do you want your potential partners’ or customers’ first impression of your brand to be associated with the smoothness of pristine white card, exclusivity of munken lynx, or with the icy elegance of metallic paper?

At least you don’t have to rack your brain about the size of your card. All of them are printed in the standard 3.5″ x 2″ size.

When you have it all figured out: the design, material and number of business cards you want at hand, click on the Customize option in the app’s lower right-hand corner and it will configure the cost of printing.

To conclude: yes, we live in the digital era. Yes, we don’t need physical business cards to connect with people anymore. However, it’s those unnecessary gestures that make a difference in the eyes of others. You want to make an impression, and a beautifully designed business card will help you achieve that faster than another in the long line of sent emails or social media invitations.


7 Chocolate Labels and Designs That Will Tempt Any Chocolate Non-Eater

chocolate label design

In celebration of the National Chocolate Day, we decided not only to eat chocolate all day long on October 28, but also to learn something new. For example, all of us know pretty well how chocolate is consumed. Many of us will even claim that are experts in the field. But how many of you really know how chocolate is made?

It is presumed that chocolate beverages have been in use for over three thousand years, which basically makes chocolate almost as old as first great civilizations and even older than written language in Mesoamerica. This beautiful product comes from the tropical cacao tree that has a strong, bitter taste, so cocoa seeds need to be fermented. Afterwards the beans are dried and roasted, the shell is removed and the cacao nibs that are left are ground into cocoa mass which is then liquefied – that is called chocolate liquor and it can be made into solids or butter.

How Chocolate Labels and Packaging Affect Consumers

The production process is usually of less interest to consumers. What they relish in is the taste of chocolate, but true chocolate connoisseurs also appreciate one more thing – how chocolate is packaged. The product’s packaging and labels go a long way. When they are stylishly designed, they can be to blame for breaking chocolate non-eaters’ vow not to eat this delicious treat.

There are too many chocolate brands, wrappers and chocolate labels in the world for us to even mention them here, but today we decided to share with you 7 designs that we especially like. This collection of lovingly created designs might inspire you to try to create something similar using Labeley.

1) Let’s start with a classic clean look of the Green & Black’s chocolate packaging designs. All the important information about the product is visible, and the simple design shows elegance, class and authority.

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These 5 Tips Will Help You Design Labels Like a Pro

Design Labels

If you look beyond a product label, you’ll see hours and hours of research, strategic planning, and creative thinking. One of the most recognizable bottle labels in the world, Coca Cola’s, is not only white letters in a nice italic font on a red background. It’s much more than that and involves deep understanding and analysis of this brand’s target audience.

So, when you head over to good old Labeley to design labels for your product, how will you go about it? Will you just choose any nice image, label shape and text font that appeal to your current mood, or will you prepare a more elaborate strategy for your design?

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Want More Flexibility with Label Text? Try Labeley’s Neat Font Options


Branding a product can be as frustrating as it is exciting. The frustration comes from not knowing sometimes how to balance all the design elements properly. We know that both images and text carry weight when sending a message to potential product users, but which is more important and how do we put all elements together to make the design visually stimulating, comprehensive and informative at the same time? We’ll talk about that at length in our next post. Today we’ll zoom in on the textual part of a product label and explain how different fonts, font options and properly used label text contribute to maximizing a product’s allure. We’ll use Labeley for demonstration, of course.

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Brand Your Business with Labeley

Beer Labels

Starting a business isn’t easy. Managing it and keeping it successful is probably even more difficult. Lots of new projects are started every day, but a much smaller percentage of those projects turn into full-fledged, profitable businesses with a future. What’s becoming increasingly important today in popularizing a product or service and acquiring customers is – product branding. Knowing how to brand your business is one of the key factors in the survival of your venture.

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Small Business Tip: Choose Labeley for Your Custom Label Printing Needs

custom printed labels

Now that you had time to perfect your label design skills since our last tutorial on making neat, professional-looking labels, it’s time to present to you some excellent custom label printing opportunities that you have with Labeley.

After you’ve designed a unique beer label for your homebrewed beverage, a fun kids label for a line of children’s products you are planning to sell, or any other type of personalized stickers for your brand, the next step is to print them out and finalize your product. Here’s how to go about ordering printed labels from us:

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Intro to Labeley: Making the Most Out of Free Online Label Creation

The best thing about Labeley, apart from the fact that it’s free, easy-to-use and registration is on a voluntary basis only, is that it can transform an ordinary person into a talented artist. It is almost as if Labeley gives you superpowers. And this superpower of having attractive design skills not only makes you feel good, but it can also make you look good around your friends, bring you points at work and help you get started with your own business idea.

This might sound too good to be true, but it’s not entirely. For example, the author of this particular blog post is no expert at design. Photoshop? Sounds familiar. But when she uses Labeley, that’s when the magic happens — with only a few clicks of the mouse and no more than two minutes of her time, she can make this:

Imagine what she’d do in four minutes!


If you like what you see, get ready for a truly easy tutorial that will help you get started with Labeley and design personalized labels without much effort.

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