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How to Throw a Superhero Themed Party Using Labeley

There’s no age limit to being a superhero comic book or movie fan. The superhero mania is so widespread that the movie and toy industries thrive on people’s desire to possess all sorts of superhero objects: from Halloween costumes and T-shirts, to party accessories, mugs, alarm clocks, and other entertainment and home decor objects. Some […]

Brand Your Business with Labeley

Starting a business isn’t easy. Managing it and keeping it successful is probably even more difficult. Lots of new projects are started every day, but a much smaller percentage of those projects turn into full-fledged, profitable businesses with a future. What’s becoming increasingly important today in popularizing a product or service and acquiring customers is […]

The All New Labeley – Revamped and Coming to Revolutionize Product Labeling

Join us in celebrating the launch of Labeley version 2! What started out a few years ago as a free web tool for designing beer labels (mostly for fun) now evolved into serious software for creating all sorts of labels and stickers for small business, home organization and entertainment purposes alike. We’re happy to see […]