Get Your Children Ready for School with Fun Name Stickers

Another school year’s just around the corner. Whether you’re happy or sad (and this might depend on whether you’re a parent or kid), it is that time of year when lots of things need to be taken care of. The first day of school can be scary enough without the stress of not being prepared with all the right books, supplies, clothes, and the right attitude.

The major burden of preparing for school will fall on your shoulders. The things that you, as a parent, need to organize are:

  • Getting your children back on track with their sleeping schedule, so they won’t be sleepy during the day when school starts
  • Adjusting your kids to eating breakfast early in the morning, so they won’t skip meals when they start waking up earlier for school
  • Getting all the right school supplies – books, notebooks, pencils, etc. (most schools have print-friendly supply lists on their websites)
  • Making sure all the clothes are washed and ironed in advance

It is wise to start getting ready at least several days before the school starts, so we’re just in time with a few more useful tips that can help you in the process. Since many of you know all too well that sending kids to school can be an unpredictable event in terms of what they come back with, we thought that using Labeley to create unique stickers for supplies could be a great idea. Not only will you be able to identify all your kids’ belongings so it will be difficult to lose or get them mixed up with other kids’ items, you’ll also have a new family project where you can spend creative time together.

Here are some of the things you can use Labeley for:

Name Stickers for School Supplies (Books, Notebooks, Pencils)


Kids are forgetful and absent-minded creatures, probably because of their great imagination and constant wandering off into some fantasy heights we can rarely see. That is why it’s pretty common to have your children return home from school with someone else’s sports shoes in the backpack, mismatched socks, or a missing history book. To bring these unfortunate events to the minimum or hopefully avoid them completely, stick to name stickers. Label all school supplies with your son’s or daughter’s name and any additional info if needed, and the chances of your children’s belongings returning home will increase.

Allergy Stickers for Clothes, Lunchboxes, and More


If your child is among the many children with allergies, you know the importance of doing everything you can to prevent allergy attacks. Putting allergy stickers with appropriate information on your child’s lunchbox, bottle, or uniform will make people around your kid aware of potential problems. Teachers will pay more attention to what your child is given during lunch break, kids will know not to share chocolate with peanuts with allergic children, etc.

Name Labels for Clothes and Footwear


Though your children might be embarrassed to wear clothes with their names applied to the fabric, as if they are small KIDS, it’s wise to attach name stickers to clothes that your child changes into at school, i.e. sports uniform. Children are more likely to get sports uniforms mixed up than the clothes they wear all day. It’s worth trying, at least.

The great thing about creating all these allergy and name stickers with Labeley is in the tool’s wide range of design options and the upload-your-own-image feature, so you really have a chance of creating one-of-a-kind, totally personalized and really awesome label. Not only will it be easier to make people remember that an item belongs to your kid, but it will also make your child enjoy the process of making labels with you.

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