Labeley’s First Facebook Giveaway – Get 30 Unique, Custom Printed Labels!

We’re excited to host our first Facebook giveaway and we’re inviting all creative people, design enthusiasts, DIYers, people who love to have a good time and people who need labels for their homemade products to join us on Facebook in a great label-making adventure.

The terms of participating in the giveaway are easy. All you need to do is write words of praise about Labeley on your FB wall and like our FB page, provided you have at least 250 friends on Facebook and a mailing address in the United States. We’ll enjoy reading your comments and reviews until summer ends, and then we’ll use a random winner generator to pull out 3 lucky winners of professionally printed labels. The winners will first design original labels using Labeley, and then we’ll print them on quality material and send stickers to the winners’ home address. Sounds neat, right?

Labeley’s Label Making App + Quality Printed Labels

By now you know that Labeley is a free label making app designed for creating beer, wine, household, party, kids and other types of stickers. Go ahead and play with it, so you can share an honest comment about it with your Facebook friends. The tool is super easy to use and makes creating labels enjoyable. So, even if you need labels for business purposes, the process of creating stickers for work is all fun.

Labeley provides so many design options and features for users that even less talented crafters can create attractive, completely original labels. Once those stickers are created, the giveaway winners will each receive 30 labels printed on quality matte paper that they can use for their products, household items, party utensils, kids clothes, sports equipment, or any other way they want.

Without further ado, head over to our Facebook page to see detailed giveaway instructions and enjoy the game!

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