Friday Tips for Beer Labeling on a Budget

Labeley offers lots of options for designing all types of custom labels, but did you know that it started out as a beer label maker? Yes, it’s original and single purpose was to help homebrewers brand their beverage. Though it provides more services now, it seems that beer labeling is still the most popular type of labeling with our app.

If you’ve just heard about Labeley now, here’s a quick introduction:

Labeley provides the necessary graphic elements to help users create custom labels for different purposes, all for free. It is so easy to use that even children can play with the tool, select different shapes, illustrations and colors and come up with their own original design that they can print and use for their belongings. So, the difficulty level of using Labeley is pretty low. On the other hand, the quality of label design, if you’ve got at least a shred of talent, is very high.

Why Would I Use Labeley for My Beer Labeling Needs?

Good question. You can either find answers to this question on popular homebrew forums, or you can keep reading and learn how to create really cool beer labels in under ten minutes with Labeley. We won’t cover the whole step-by-step tutorial on how to make beer labels here, because we already wrote about it not so long ago. We rather want to point out some particularly useful “tricks” for beer makers.

First, go to Labeley homepage and click on Start Designing. After you choose Beer among the four offered categories, you’ll see a range of different shapes on the left side, and this might seem especially promising to experienced homebrewers. Such variety of shapes can really help with making a beer bottle stand out because many beer labels are either oval, circle, square or some other standard beer shape. Labeley’s selection will help your product be unique.


Once you chose your shape, you’ll go through the usual steps: choosing a border, background, illustration (or uploading a unique image from your computer) and writing out the important textual information. Note that when you get to the Graphics section, there are many ribbons and banners to choose from in the lower part of the selection.


Inserting a ribbon or banner next to a powerful graphic can really help accentuate the name of your beer and make it memorable. Some ribbons are arched more than others, so tweaking with text is probably a good solution to make it look good. You can insert your beer name letter by letter or word by word, so that you can reposition and resize each word or letter differently and according to the ribbon’s shape. We’ll discuss this “trick” at length in our next blog post.

Once all the design elements are in place and you are happy with how your beer label looks, save it to your Labeley account (if you created one) or to your computer, print it out and apply it to your beer bottles. Once that happens, you’ll probably want to continue beer labeling with Labeley.

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