Master List of Back-to-School Resources


Going back to school after a long summer vacation isn’t easy for teachers, kids and parents, and it’s a different kind of challenge for each of these groups. For kids, it means the end of playing all day long. For parents, it’s the pressure of preparing children for school – from acquiring school books and school supplies, to getting them back to more disciplined eating and sleeping regimes. And finally, the beginning of a new school year for teachers means hard work on preparing for those first weeks of lectures and classroom activities.
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Get Your Children Ready for School with Fun Name Stickers


Another school year’s just around the corner. Whether you’re happy or sad (and this might depend on whether you’re a parent or kid), it is that time of year when lots of things need to be taken care of. The first day of school can be scary enough without the stress of not being prepared with all the right books, supplies, clothes, and the right attitude.

The major burden of preparing for school will fall on your shoulders. The things that you, as a parent, need to organize are:
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These 5 Tips Will Help You Design Labels Like a Pro

Design Labels

If you look beyond a product label, you’ll see hours and hours of research, strategic planning, and creative thinking. One of the most recognizable bottle labels in the world, Coca Cola’s, is not only white letters in a nice italic font on a red background. It’s much more than that and involves deep understanding and analysis of this brand’s target audience.

So, when you head over to good old Labeley to design labels for your product, how will you go about it? Will you just choose any nice image, label shape and text font that appeal to your current mood, or will you prepare a more elaborate strategy for your design?
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Want More Flexibility with Label Text? Try Labeley’s Neat Font Options


Branding a product can be as frustrating as it is exciting. The frustration comes from not knowing sometimes how to balance all the design elements properly. We know that both images and text carry weight when sending a message to potential product users, but which is more important and how do we put all elements together to make the design visually stimulating, comprehensive and informative at the same time? We’ll talk about that at length in our next post. Today we’ll zoom in on the textual part of a product label and explain how different fonts, font options and properly used label text contribute to maximizing a product’s allure. We’ll use Labeley for demonstration, of course.
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Friday Tips for Beer Labeling on a Budget

Homebrew Beer Label

Labeley offers lots of options for designing all types of custom labels, but did you know that it started out as a beer label maker? Yes, it’s original and single purpose was to help homebrewers brand their beverage. Though it provides more services now, it seems that beer labeling is still the most popular type of labeling with our app.

If you’ve just heard about Labeley now, here’s a quick introduction:
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Brand Your Business with Labeley

Beer Labels

Starting a business isn’t easy. Managing it and keeping it successful is probably even more difficult. Lots of new projects are started every day, but a much smaller percentage of those projects turn into full-fledged, profitable businesses with a future. What’s becoming increasingly important today in popularizing a product or service and acquiring customers is – product branding. Knowing how to brand your business is one of the key factors in the survival of your venture.
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Small Business Tip: Choose Labeley for Your Custom Label Printing Needs

custom printed labels

Now that you had time to perfect your label design skills since our last tutorial on making neat, professional-looking labels, it’s time to present to you some excellent custom label printing opportunities that you have with Labeley.

After you’ve designed a unique beer label for your homebrewed beverage, a fun kids label for a line of children’s products you are planning to sell, or any other type of personalized stickers for your brand, the next step is to print them out and finalize your product. Here’s how to go about ordering printed labels from us:
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Intro to Labeley: Making the Most Out of Free Online Label Creation

The best thing about Labeley, apart from the fact that it’s free, easy-to-use and registration is on a voluntary basis only, is that it can transform an ordinary person into a talented artist. It is almost as if Labeley gives you superpowers. And this superpower of having attractive design skills not only makes you feel good, but it can also make you look good around your friends, bring you points at work and help you get started with your own business idea.

This might sound too good to be true, but it’s not entirely. For example, the author of this particular blog post is no expert at design. Photoshop? Sounds familiar. But when she uses Labeley, that’s when the magic happens — with only a few clicks of the mouse and no more than two minutes of her time, she can make this:

Imagine what she’d do in four minutes!


If you like what you see, get ready for a truly easy tutorial that will help you get started with Labeley and design personalized labels without much effort.
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The All New Labeley – Revamped and Coming to Revolutionize Product Labeling

custom label

Join us in celebrating the launch of Labeley version 2! What started out a few years ago as a free web tool for designing beer labels (mostly for fun) now evolved into serious software for creating all sorts of labels and stickers for small business, home organization and entertainment purposes alike. We’re happy to see Labeley ready to take on as many label creation challenges as the creative users can send our way. This free online label maker can be used by:

  • small beverage business owners and brewers to design classy beer and wine labels
  • families who need household labels for better home organization
  • kids who need to label their belongings for school, sports and camp activities
  • anyone in need of an easy-to-use free tool for designing professional-looking stickers

The beauty of the new, revamped version of Labeley is in its sleek design and intuitive interface that allows users of any design skill knowledge (or lack thereof) to move through the app with confidence. We’ll be explaining the design process in more detail in the upcoming posts, but today we want to focus on how YOU can benefit from using Labeley.
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